Learn how to design any product in SolidWorks quickly and accurately. Whether you are an engineering student or someone trying to learn how to design in SolidWorks, we can teach you how to create 3D models, 2D drawings, assemblies, animation, and photo-realistic renderings of any product using SolidWorks.

My goal is to help students achieve better grades, retain learned concepts, and develop acceptable practices and ethics when designing any product in SolidWorks. I am also flexible and available to teach you how to use SolidWorks online.


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3D Modeling

Three-dimensional (3D) models help to visualize any product and maximize the design productivity, making necessary modification immediately if required early in the design stage.

You will learn how to create 3D models of any product from engineering sketch, or technical drawing using various SolidWorks features such as extruded base/base, revolved boss/base, swept boss/base, lofted boss/base, etc. Some of the SolidWorks modeling covered topic include, but are not limited to:


  • Design Intent

  • Creating sketch planes

  • Sketching

  • Feature Creation

  • Configurations

  • Sketch Editing

  • Feature Editing

  • Applying Appearance

  • Etc.

2D Drawings

Two-dimensional engineering drawings are quick, efficient ways to understand how to manufacture any product without the effort of making one prototype after another.

You will learn how to create 2D drawings with SolidWorks for parts and assemblies in accordance with industry, departmental and discipline standards. You will also learn how to create engineering drawings that include, but are not limited to:

  • Parts dimension

  • Bill of material table      

  • Tolerance    

  • Applying Geometric Dimension and Tolerance (GD&T)

  • Preparations for Detailing

  • Drawing Sheets and Views

  • Adding Center Marks and Centerlines

  • Adding Annotations

  • Creating  BOMs and Design Table

  • Etc.


SolidWorks Assembly allows you to combine your part designs into 3D assemblies. You will learn how to create a working assembly of any product in SolidWorks. Some assembly topic covered include, but are not limited to:​

  • Inserting Components

  • Component Mating

  • In-Context Parts & Assemblies building

  • Smart Fasteners

  • Assemblies Configuration

  • Troubleshooting Assemblies

  • Creating Exploded View

  • Component Patterning & Mirroring

  • Etc


SolidWorks Animation enables you to animate your design to explain its function and assembly, as well as how it fits with related products. Topics on SolidWorks include:

  • Fast, easy animation creation

  • Timeline-based animation creation

  • Exploded view animation

  • Collapse View animation

  • Motion controls such as rotate, slide, and move components as needed

  • Video output, frame rate, and other controls

  • Saving video

Photo-Realistic Rendering

Photo-realistic rendering helps to visualize the final product in different styles, configurations, and materials.

You will learn how to create high-resolution photo-realistic images of any product in different colors, sizes, and styles with SolidWorks Visualize. Some of the photo-realistic renderings topic covered include, but are not limited to:

  • Importing Project

  • Product visualization

  • Lighting Setup

  • VR output to inspect the rendered product in 3D space

  • Configurations of product with different appearance

  • Scene development

  • Animations

  • Exploded view

  • Etc  


Private Online Lesson

Hourly rate - USD$49.95

Modelling Request

3D Model - $49.99 each

2D Drawing - $49.99 each

Assembly - $39.99 for each part


May I thank you for your effort in explaining and guiding all SolidWorks users, you're really expert and professional. I really benefited from your tutorials. We take SolidWorks in our university as a full course and your tutorials help a lot.

Ahmed A. Alwael

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